FTV Girls Fiona (December 2015)

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How common first-timer, you can get it, of course, beautiful and Superfit teens visit us from Texas, and learned a lot about their sexuality in this trip. We first meet her in the evening in the tourist area, watching it to see the sights in a short skirt and sexy top. Even with the tourists past, she gets the courage flashing us a perfect butt, full round breasts and her tiny vagina! When he returned home that evening, she masturbates a rather unique way (as she had learned in school) and reach orgasm. We then watch her undress in the bedroom, and enjoy that wonderful, perfect, perfect figure she was gifted. The next morning, she was a very beautiful white dress and wedges, but with nothing underneath – every step she takes overlooks its rank and file between your legs. She visits the beautiful outdoor center where she does some incredibly risky public nudity pictures, some showing off, as it can make the wheel right there with her cunt in the air! She also knows how to dance … so cute mall music. Returning home, she finally presented her vibrator … very first. She ends up squirting a few times, another first for her! Then she uses a magic wand toy, which brings it to a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions … And squirting! After that we get extreme closeups of her private parts, and her fingers herself (anally as well!). She uses a glass toy, penetrating both holes, and nothing, it fits there. Entering a tight volleyball shorts and sports bra, then it is a very busy gym and actually risks making itself public nudity. Topless on a treadmill, a bike, and then showing her strength, squatting 135lbs, then do the extended splits, handstands and very flexible thing … Back home, she masturbates again, using the Magic Wand toy another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Then she danced in her bra and panties, moving in a flexible and fluid way, perhaps one of the best dance scenes we’ve ever seen! She gets naked, posing outdoors, and then finds a blue dildo and penetrates itself, especially sexual kind when driving it. In the pool, we get a wet T-shirt action, where it gives breasts and butt a good hard massage and nipple play. After diving around, it’s time for her to say her goodbyes … and we hope that we will see her again. Its all-natural, healthy appearance and way of life makes it a real beauty without blemish in her top form, and the perfect girl for FTV 🙂

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