FTV Girls Avri (May 2015)

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Rates : 17

It is natural, youthful total first timer who likes to masturbate, and she’s all about exposing her cute body! She got these big natural D-cup breasts, a thin waist and curvaceous butt. We first met her at the airport, where we see her large breast tumor from her dress, and then pulls them up and their flashing! The restaurant later that night, she was doing topless interviews and allows us to see between his legs … The next morning, we see her awakening, full breasts exposed, and then go to the bathroom for a nice hard breast and butt massage. Going to the bathroom counter, she finishes her fingers to masturbate, which leads to a very strong, natural orgasm with strong vaginal contractions. Note the milk juices that flow out! Then she gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, and makes some really vaginal gaping wide, so that you can see in depth … From the breakfast table, she flashes her breasts a little more and teases us in her tight cute clothes, the parades around topless on a busy street! Finding another open public place, she ends up singing the banana as a toy, then puts the two of them inside her vagina, penetrating himself twice! Surprising us even further, it fills a banana deep inside her until she goes missing, then masturbates with fingers to another strong orgasm – and pushes the banana when her vagina begins to shrink! Wearing one of her cute girly dresses and wedges, she visits the ancient art, sucking on the breast and nipple, and then fucks herself hard with a big glass ball toys. She gets so into it, it is quite incredible to watch as she pushes herself, stretching her pussy with big toys! Later in the day, we see her wearing a very sexy dress & heels, walking through an open, public store, and teasing us games heifers. She finds a small corner for distribution and gape her pretty vagina, then starts stuffing his fingers … until it ends very deep fisting! She holds up fisting her vagina does not get hurt, then eventually to urinate on himself. Back in the room, it demonstrates its flexibility and talent yoga, stretching topless and allowing us to see her sexy curves as she moves her body. Then, taking her yoga pants, she begins to fuck herself with a long double ended dildo deep, followed by a huge monster toy FTV! She rides him hard and as deep as it can fit … unbelievable how extreme this tiny girl was! To finish, it is experimenting for the first time anal, fingering her butt and distribution … That cute body it is necessary to expose a little more, so we see her cute model fitted bra & panties, showing that the butt and squeezing her large breasts a little more. It also has a very nice, small feet, so we do some foot fetish and toe sucking. It challenges itself with the more extreme again is in full fist, hard and deep, pounding himself and gaping so wide, you can see how much she reached for the period after the first day. At the end of the day with a big climax, she tries Vibraking toy that ends up making her a syringe, then the strongest orgasm in her life. Note the surprisingly strong reduction in vaginal orgasm! After she worked topless in the street to say farewell to her, we understand how fun and amazing this girl, and what a good adventure to shoot 🙂

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