FTV Girls Raylene & Romi (May 2014)

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The two girls in the general fun for FTV – they are 22-year-old twins! They are six feet tall fashion model with a very strange side to him, ready to express their sexual side on FTV! I never have done adult work before they consider all the first timers who want to be exclusive to the site. Meeting them at the airport at night, we see they are pretty, they have an interview at a restaurant, they flash, shop, catch on in a department store, then they run around naked everywhere! They exhibitionist type and loves her beautiful assets. We see them in the morning and cuddle up in bed naked, end up with a pillow fight, then compete with each other, who can orgasm first. Masturbating together, they end up with strong orgasms with visible vaginal contractions. Coming at the motor show, they get ‘everyone’s attention, and there is no problem flashing her breasts and ass! Then we see them go for less than a lively area near the office complex, and get completely naked, chasing each other and spread wide! They end up at the grocery store, picking cucumbers and bananas, and flashes a few experiments … back home with Romy quite massive and thick cucumber in her vagina, pushing her limits on how deep and wide it can go. Using his strong muscles of the vagina, she shoots him too far! Then the longer ends of cucumbers in her butt … very deep! Raylene helps her, and uses a cucumber on it. Again, Romi shows off the power of her vagina and butt muscles, shooting from the cucumber with her butt 10 feet! Raylene helps her distribute her butt wide, creating a kind of massive gaping butt. Then Romy tries Vibraking Toy, and ends with two very strong orgasms and powerful vaginal contractions. After that we get to see the extreme close-ups of her private parts, and note it has a full bush! Then she tries stuffing four fingers deep … Out for lunch, they flash their breasts a little, teasing each other’s nipples, pulling on them. Then we see them in pretty, exotic resort, wearing a very sexy dress & matching wedges. They really look like models, with those sexy long legs it! They begin to tease each other undress, extend your vagina & butt, and then use dildos on each other! These twins, of course, does not inhibit, and enjoy each other. Returning home, they show off its flexibility, making all kinds of sexy stretches and yoga poses in the nude, and then do the dance with their favorite kind of music. How to end this rather cold day, they go running naked on the street and give them farewell at sunset. They are awesome, sexy couple, and enjoy their first holiday together … more!

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