FTV Girls Lara (September 2012)

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She looks very young and very innocent, but she is a mother and has surprised us (and himself) with some rather strange and extreme videos FTV style! She’s a first-timer, and it shows … never to do anything before she is quite shy and timid in the beginning. Warming up with stripdown from her normal clothes, she starts to get aroused – and how does this show? With her nipples begin to drip from the milk! Thus, shoot turns into a complete stage of lactation, when she starts squirting milk everywhere, and we can see it from all sides possible. These swollen firm breasts can not stop dripping, even when it is not touching them and masturbating! It injects in the window on a glass table, and even the taste itself. Then, when she masturbates with a toy Eroscillator, she ends up squirting mini vaginally, with the juices running down her butt! Back to additional lactation cute yellow dress, she squirts milk into a glass and then drink it! Then she tries to bouncing and reconstruction of the full breasts make milk splat everywhere! For good measure, it goes to the balcony and squirts on landscapers … With the help of another vibrator, she masturbates again, coming to a very strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions that literally can be seen from the “inside” of her vagina as she gaping when it will happen. After that we will get some extreme close-up of some kind of super gaping as she pulls herself open with six fingers. That’s when she starts fisting themselves, and although it was never more than 3 fingers in her life, she ends hard and deep fisting, eventually stretching and pushing her hand in and out! Pay attention to the video, it looks so innocent to do it, and those big brown eyes, seems so new to all this. It is also a novice, you can get it, and it was quite a pleasant surprise for us to see the FTV-style ” talents give her.

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