FTV Girls Brook & Fiona (February 2016)

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Super cute, super popular Fiona returns and brings her real life best friend with her … who is another first timer who has never done any adult work before! Brook, who is also 18 years old, has always loved Fiona as a friend, and both of them are bisexual – had sex with each other many times, and now we see it on video! We met for the first time in their breakfast restaurant, where Fiona introduces Brooke, and they run the risk of making flashing her breasts right there! Finding less lively area, they continue to receive a high-spirited, showing off their beautiful butts (Brooke was a cheerleader, too) and distribute each other on camera. Returning home, they become bare, and use two Magic Wand toys in tandem with strong orgasms and heavy splashes! Fiona was first introduced in the vibrator on her first shoot two months ago, and now she uses it obsessively – and introduced him to the Brook the week before the shooting. Now they are injected together! Then they take a shower, lathering each other’s butts, and more talk about their sex lives. All cleaned up, they go down on each other for some intimate oral sex, and return to a more masturbation, orgasms and squirting. Wearing a cute bra and panties, they get playful in the bedroom and show some of their flexibility and cheerleading skills. Back for more fun, we see them to visit the ice cream shop and get a really high-spirited, flashing their vagina and butt and sucking a breast cream. Then we see them get intimate on a busy street, and then watch them take their clothes off and splash around in the water fountain, right in front of another busy street! They do not seem to be worried at all! Then we do a sexy modeling shoot outdoors with just their undies and heels, and then watch them with your finger herself together. Fiona is a tornado and calls itself with it, and then ends urinate directly into the open … and a girl, then go to their undies back on the street and in the car. In the evening of the same day, we see them dressed up in sexy dresses & heels, making out a little more, and this time using Vibraking toy for a super sprayed directly into the office area! Then they penetrate into each other a long cucumber, and in the case of Fiona, she ends up squirting again … The next morning, the girls wake up in each other’s arms, then masturbate on scisorring with each other using their vibrator, squirting on the bed! They end up fighting, and Fiona shows off some of her fighting talents. Downstairs in the lobby, they dance to the music in the nude, as well as demonstrate their sexual movements, as well as their flexible, cheerleading talents. Then, the active girl eventually hike on a mountain trail, and masturbates a little more – splashed across the rocks! Another adventure just shoot with two genuine best friends, and a total of syringe treat for all you squirting fans 🙂

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