FTV Girls Aveline (January 2016)

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This fresh-faced teenager visiting us from Oklahoma, and its total for the first time makes it an adult shoot. She is one of those girls in the neighborhood, you would never think to end up in porn, but we were lucky to see her first experience here on FTV. We first met her at the airport train station, and notice how cute she was – and how shy she is in front of the camera. But in no time, perfect full rounded breasts absent, and she flashes them in this very risky place! Then she pulls her shorts aside and we see clit piercing … She keeps flashing on the train, even with security cameras all over the world, then returns home to masturbate with your fingers. It is very juicy wet … In the evening of the same day, she continues to flash her sexual organs, and even makes it to the restaurant with the police right behind her! The next morning, we see it with braided hair, a visit to the park and the golf area. She is dressed in FTVGirls T-shirt and skirt, giving us heifers peaks and flashes on the street, even the fingers themselves there! It is not that shy more … Back home, she masturbates with a toy Eroscillator, to a good, strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. She never used a vibrator before until now! After that we will get some foot fetish play, and extreme close-ups of her very beautiful genitals. She learns how to gape wide, so we can see deep … Then she gives her breast a good hard massage, and playing with her nipple piercings. Its almost Halloween, and she visits the pumpkin patch, wearing a cute white dress and wedges. It takes off from us and teases us in this risky public place, then buy a pumpkin and a model with her. Then we see her visit the resort, where she continues to tease thumb and finger myself … and this dress is very clear! Returning home, she uses her fingers into a good, natural orgasm, with more visible vaginal contractions. Later in the day, she wears a sexy red dress and heels, and attends a local resort. He gets kinky as she receives a yellow squash, and completing it deep inside her, he goes with it! Her strong vaginal muscles allow it to push with ease … and milky juice that go it tastes and rubbing against her nipples. Then she masturbates a little more, to another orgasm before she is playing with a toy. This time it with a toy Large glass bowl, and we get to see her get stretched out, she pulls it out of her. Notice how it gets wet all the time. Then it down for a ride on a big dildo on the table Riding going all the way to the ground! It ends penetrating herself on the sofa until it is too sore to continue. What a cute girl, and that over the weekend of adventures for the first time this beauty – and one of those teenagers so perfect for FTV 🙂

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