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  • On the video portion of the Aubrey shoot, she’s introduced with a little interview, then a striptease outside and some spreads. Besides knowing the members and what they prefer in ‘looks’, what happens next (above) is what triggers a ‘failed shoot’, as in if a girl cannot masturbate to orgasm, the members won’t have it.

  • Alison’s Nightmare: Halloween Short Movie Bonus A Scary & Creepy movie short made for AlisonAngel.com, now also here for you on FTV. As Alison states: It was actually kinda scary to make it, so I cant imagine how scary it will be! I really love to act, and when I am on camera in other…

  • Giselle Nude Girl Dancing Giselle Nude Girl Dancing

    Moving across the country was difficult away from my friends and family, but the people I met made the transition a lot easier than I could have imagined. My new friends showed me so many cool places, and we created many wonderful memories together. Besides school, I have a lot of hobbies. First of all,…

  • When both Lia and Alison ended up going to Maui together, I was at a conference doing CE credits, and let the girls use the smaller camera to shoot each other for fun. So Alison is actually shooting this stuff here, and it was originally intended for Lia’s site. Never really appeared there because well……

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