FTV Girls Mackenzie (January 2017)

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Rates : 12

She is a beautiful blonde 18 years old, with eyes and a smile that melts your heart … and she has an adventurous side to it! We first met with her at the mall with his best friend Kimmy, which is at the same high school. We are witnessing a walk around and visit the shops and then Mackenzie flashes her breasts, which is surprisingly full and perky, with the most perfect nipples! Public nudity continues as she flashes her butt and then gets playful with Kimmy, rubbing each other under the table, and she even takes her bra and going topless at the food court! Then she goes to a car wash, where she gets completely naked and shows off her beautiful, free tattoos, while Kimmy gives her butt and breast massage in the open! The next morning, we see her in the bedroom, wearing cut bra and panties. We get to dive in its beauty, and then watch her as she touches to her, caressing her form, and playing with his nipples. Her panties come off, and she begins to touch off; she finishes a mini-sprayed several times! Masturbation is continued until it has a pleasant, natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. The second type of camera gets an orgasm and a milky moisture close. Then we see her very pretty close intimate part of the body up, while she talks about how she lost her virginity. This pretty pink! Under the Christmas tree, Kimmy is connected with their favorite types of gifts – sexy heels! They put on their sexy heels on, and we get a bit of foot fetish on the Mackenzie, it uses both heels penetration toy! She ends fucking herself with a heel shoes, while Kimmy helps push it in. Go to anal play, we see Mackenzie in sexy blue dress and heels, and then watch her finger her butt. Then using Kimmy it uses Bejeweled anal plug as well. Training her butt muscles, insert the plug to look at it inside and out! Then she finishes peeing outdoors … Keeping her sexy outfit on, she tries Portable Magic Wand for the first time, and this makes it a syringe, and then bring it to one of the strongest orgasms in my life! Then she tries pushing it into her vagina, and it gives it a different kind of orgasm … style g-spot! To finish off the day with the ultimate fetish, she would like to see that her vagina was like a mirror! Supercute, tattoo free, and FTV-exclusive, there is even more to see it, and we hope that her friend will shoot in one day …

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