FTV Girls Kinsley (September 2015)

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Recently turned 18, she is supercute, innocent looking teen who has a strange side to it. With a beautiful face, perfect, full of natural breasts and long legs, she was perfect for the first timer FTV. At first we see her on the treadmill, and soon enough she worked topless, exposing these beautiful breasts! Suffice it a little shy, but do not hesitate to end up getting completely naked on the trail and do some cheerleading poses with her vagina out! Returning home, she discovers, Magic Wand vibrator and masturbates to it with considerable pleasure … and two camera angles, to show her reaction to toys. We then look at her spread her beautiful and very pink genitals, showing the clitoris, the labia long stretch close. She also learns how gaping her cunt … Back at the park, we see her in a cute summer dress and white sandals beautiful, giving us a view of heifers and showing those super hard Naturals. Finding two yellow summer squash vegetables, it goes to penetrate with them … and manages to get inside her vagina, penetrating himself twice! See, it just makes them both disappear inside her vagina – and this is where we find out how deep it! After the lunch break, she visits the grocery store and buy a few vegetables, and says that she will experiment with bananas and such when she was younger. It also stops flashing at the grocery store … Returning home, she begins to fuck herself hard with a banana, bringing memories of her youth. FTV assistant then takes a banana and ends make it dog! Then comes the corn, which she pushes inside her until she goes away completely inside her vagina deep, to the bottom! Assistant helps push it deeper, and uses it as a toy to Kinsley. Then comes a very large, long remote – she pushes inside her so deep it almost shocking! He pushes her cunt to the limit … Then we get to enjoy Kinsley chest and back, as it gets very difficult to massage with baby oil. Later in the day, we see it with high wedges and short tight shorts butt on a beautiful, quaint resort and enjoy her long legs as she walks. Loose top gives us a beautiful view of her downblouse perfectly round breasts. Pulling shorts aside, she pulls on his long labia, stretching them over her shorts, then starts to finger and masturbating. Getting strange, this time anal, she starts to finger herself in the butt with two fingers and then takes another pub and completing it in the ass! Watch her make himself anally while at this resort opened, and then double penetrate her fingers into the vagina, and then stare at the same time! With sexy black dress and heels on, she decides to see how extreme it can go – and tries to four, then five fingers, and tries to fist himself. It ends near-fisting, but the hands are too big. Hot watch, nonetheless! To finish, she tries Eroscillator toy – and she tells us that she has found her new favorite toy! Enjoy this natural beauty, and another 18 who had never done any adult work before the survey – and what fun it was to shoot the strange adventure!

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