FTV Girls Keisha (March 2014)

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Gorgeous, voluptuous and sexy Keisha makes an appearance on the FTV, and it does it all in FTV Style! We see it in an unusual shopping center in sexy dress and heels, to look at her to give us a teaser of heifers and expose those big beautiful breasts. She was a little shy at first, but eventually she masturbated right in the shopping center, distributing and using a vibrator !! Note the milky sap buildup, dripping on the floor. Returning home, she uses vintage vibrator end up with very strong legs curling orgasm with strong vaginal contractions. After that we get extreme close-up of her tiny private parts, and watch her get kinky with her stiletto high heel shoe. She gives him a blowjob and then fills it deep within her rights to the base, getting in and out! Back outside in nice casual clothes, she teases us a little more with public nudity, topless and completely interview in the restaurant, even the average spread, showing off her ass! On the second day, we go to a sports theme, visit the very busy sassy gym to see this girl ended up doing topless yoga in a room of training. Then she gets weight, going topless again until all of these people are working around it! Note vlezshie panties in pussy and … then it ends in a racquetball court, and plays around topless, until we called the manager in and approaches to contact us kindly leave. It is possible to visit the hotel to change women “and make their own to take her to play in front of a mirror … Returning home, she massages her breasts nice and tight oil, pulling her nipples, then a massage, which is perfect, full corporate butt. She even tries some anal fingering … Back in a very sexy, colorful dress and wedges, we see her go through the resort, then pull out a long, large cucumber and fill themselves deep! Riding it as far as she can go, it’s the greatest thing that she was inside her. In the evening of the same day, we are doing an interview with a restaurant, some flashing, then watch a movie with a big flashing in the theater! On the third day, we see her waking up in the morning, with glasses on, she did a little foot fetish, then massage the breast & butt. Then she takes Eroscillator toys and masturbates with it, to very strong orgasm with strong vaginal contractions. We then look at her to straighten her hair, do her makeup and put on another pretty dress with sexy wedges. Its all about her sexy firm butt, since it shows him and then trying a long chain of anal beads. It fills them with a fairly deep inside her, going 7 inches deep anal! Going outside, she goes on a dirt road in the nude, so that we can enjoy its full naked form. Then we see her dancing to the music, first in bra & panties, then completely naked – we see it in a lively and passionate as she loves her rock & roll … Shake that booty and D a couple of cups! She has what we call the general FTV adventure, bringing out the real identity of this cool sexy.

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