FTV Girls Jeri (February 2014)

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This cute brunette girl is fit, which is used to play a lot of football – look at those legs! We see it in the sports park, running, playing ball, and then stretching and gives us peeks under her shirt and between her legs. Soon she flashes her genitals directly in the center of the park! Notice how sexy her full C cup breasts natural … and that butt! Returning home, she masturbates using a vibrator to rub themselves and stimulate her clitoris, then eventually with the help of Vibraking toy to an incredibly strong legs curling orgasm, which ends up making her squirt! She never squirted in her life, so it was a very unique experience for her. It spreads, showing off her swollen clit close the gaping vagina … really wide and deep! Then, in the most extreme surprise, she starts fisting themselves! Not only does it go, it goes really deep past the wrist, and she begins to fuck herself hard while deep fisting! Its amazing and highly erotic to see such a cute girl to do it yourself. Then she yawns even wider, and even punched myself with a few fingers from the other hand are trying to get some more! Later, we see her in a very sexy dress and heels, she shows off her sexy toned legs, giving us a view of heifers, what of the Monster toy FTV! His biggest thing she ever had in her life, and it more than her forearm, but she takes it almost all the way down! We watch her ride it hard and deep, then pound with him on the floor until it is too sore to continue. From golf to store goods, it takes some pink golf balls, flash right on the parking lot – it does something we’ve never done in public before – POWER three golf balls inside of it right in front of the restaurant to the public! Then she pushes them with their vaginal muscles, and gives them bounce around the restaurant floor. Returning home, she pushes her limits, and managed to stuff 6 golf balls inside it! We see it push them in different angles, on the back, the dog, and then on top of the top. The strength of her vaginal muscles shoots too far … then we see her do a little foot fetish, massage the breast, nipple pulling & lick (it has some really good fun nipples) and butt massage. Her strange game continues with some panty stuffing, it transcends into a cute white shirt and panties, she gets wet, use a water hose as sex toys … hose pushed deep inside her, and squirting water! She turns to a literal fountain of the vagina, she pushes the hose back into the deep end and shoots water … Man it extreme! We find that it is a great time RPG PC Gamer, and loves to play games with the mouse and keyboard. With a full-size mouse in hand, it blows us away, as it fills a mouse deep inside her, making it disappear! It completely fills it in, and then she uses her powerful vaginal muscles to expel from it, notice how it stretches, it is so wide! Supercute, this girl has her first time experience with FTV, and is one of the kinkiest and most extreme, the girls.

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