FTV Girls Marina (May 2010)

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Marina comes from Eastern Russia, but moved to the US two years ago on a scholarship. She’s pretty spontaneous girl whose carefree attitude brings us pretty unique escape random adventures. We are introduced to her as she shows off some of her pictures, she runs away excited to try on some clothes for us, ultimately modeling in a very sexy nightie and heels. She finishes masturbating on the couch, his first journey with her fingers, and then with a vibrator to reach orgasm. Then in her own cute and unique outfit, she parades around the resort, getting completely naked before it causes some attention. We love to watch her leggy look at his heels, and her full breasts squeezed and massaged! Returning home, she tries to big red vibrating dildo, stuffing it deep and hard to masturbate until she has an orgasm that oozes milk and juices. Wearing a black dress and heels, she then paraded around another resort area, and finds a convenient place on the landing to masturbate with your fingers. Then its time for Vibraking toy, which brings her mild orgasm … She loves it so much that she asked to try again, and so she has a second orgasm! To cool off, she heads to the pool and swim naked … and return to the room to do a sexy dance naked “version of« Gypsy Kings Hotel California “. After the assassination attempt on the crest of the Glass FTV Toy, it moves to the toy rabbit, and has another strong orgasm with him. Her love of the outdoors leads to stripdown public golf course, its running around stark naked feeling free. That is, until a police van does not fit … time to go! So enjoy, and another update carefree girl with her first adult experience, only here on FTV.

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