FTV Girls Cassidy (April 2015)

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This tall teenager in total first timer that fits her sexy figure and wants to start his adult experience with FTV. We saw her in the parking lot, watching the long legs in a short skirt and wedges, which come, giving us shots of heifers and the sight of her sexy ass. Fingering myself and play with her breasts, she meets Addison, who comes to the aid during the filming. Together they play a little more at a restaurant, and we see Cassidy get completely naked for a walk in the fresh air! Returning home, she masturbates fingers to good natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Then we get Extreme close-up of her private parts, along with the serious details on her clit and butt area. Orgasm make her want to pee because we care … From Resort, we see her in sexy dress and heels in the summer, for a teaser shots, and Addison spanking her, as well as through a glass toy on her. Notice how tight and tiny vagina this girl! The girls end up getting more intimate with a deep kiss and breast games. Then we see the sports side of this girl, she goes jogging on the trail, becoming bare ass like a man on a bicycle past! Then, on the golf course, it flips and deflections, distracting golfers! Returning home, she gets on her sexy ass and how she can move her butthole, and her first time anal experience pushes a finger into. Then we do some foot fetish and she wears a beautiful white stockings over the foot and toe sucking games. Naked only in stockings, she masturbates to another orgasm, even with strong contractions, then it makes a sexy lapdance nude for Addison. As the sun goes down, it puts one last cute dress & heels, towering over Addison – and disassemble and do not go to suckle until sunset. Enjoy this brand new Teen Cutie, is another ideal, of course, the enthusiasm for finding FTV 🙂

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