FTV Girls Nina & Serena (December 2015)

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Super gorgeous and sexy Nina returned, and this time she brought her real life best friend of 18-year-old with her to shoot a girl-girl together! A few months ago, Serena was too nervous to undress in front of the camera, but with some encouragement, she decided to try it out and get hot and heavy with his best friend. We first meet them in the evening, the mall to enter the gorgeous Nina and her friend to watch Serena blink first. The next morning, we wake up to see them in the nude, and then make a little time to play a full and suck the breast of each other. The girls go down on each other, lick each other’s clitoris and labia suck. They eventually scissor each other, grinding vagina against each other hard and fast until Nina does not end with an orgasm. Nina introduces Magic Wand Serena toy, and it ends with a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Then we get a very close and intimate ordinary Serena, watching Nina spread and pull on her labia, stretching and gaping her vagina and poke a finger and explore the inside of her vagina, spreading and gaping. The girls then put on some sexy lingerie, and continue their proximity on the couch. Turn Nina to be explored, and Serena fingers her and trying to get as many fingers inside her. The next day, we see a sexy pair in pretty short dresses and high heels walking through the open mall. Two start doing right there, while some people look confused as to what is going on between them! Dance music, show off their butts, Twerk bit and flashing their intimate when they can. Bringing quite a bit of attention to themselves, they go in the resort area instead, and find a nice fountain in the strip. Spread with one another, rubbing the genitals of each other and get all wet and frisky. Returning home, they hang out on the patio, in a cute bikini and give us a look under their bikini showing off her breasts and intimate. Out comes a very large double-sided dildo, and they both suck on it … Nina starts to knock Serena in the dog with him, and it’s really the most important thing Serena ever had it! Nina then takes her turn with her, and then they share a dildo with scissors is as deep as it can go. They end up in the pool, swimming naked and shooting each other – as well as having a bit of Nina try anal fingering. Putting on their pretty dresses, girls get Kissy, touchy and feely with each other at the grand entrance hall, then go to bed, to play with the big glass ball toy. We are seeing a toy in and out of Serena, pushing and gaping vagina, and Nina looks close to the action. Serena then makes Nina with the same toys, and listen Squishy, ​​juicy sounds as it moves deep inside her. Then Nina decides to do something very extreme – and trying to fist herself! It’s hard at first, but she continued to work for him, until she got her whole hand deep into her vagina! Incredible. Enjoy these two real-life best friends, casual lovers – supercute teenagers that make for a wonderful experience girl girl, only here on FTV.

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