FTV Girls Ellie (May 2015)

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This is a super cute teen girl in the neighborhood plans to start her career in the adult, and had her first experience here on FTV. Visiting all the way from New Hampshire, she came to stay for the weekend. A bit shy at the start, we see it in a cute little skirt and bra-less top, and nothing is great for those breasts of her body! She visits the ice cream shop, and flashes her breasts and butt in front of some people (and ice cream sticks stick inside it!), Then go play in the park and to expose themselves to a little more. Watch these big breasts bounce as she runs in the grass to do somersaults! Visiting a wash, she fingers herself and flashes when all the cleaning staff work, and they love to watch this unexpected visit! She then visits the office building, drawing more attention, because it deprives the naked and spreads wide her genitals. It makes a lot of people happy looking at her! Returning home, she masturbates his way, with his finger penetration to orgasm, and then uses a vibrator and finishes squirting all over the bathroom counter! Then we see her spread her genitalia, and gaping wide, the fist myself! Not familiar with deep fingers, she says that she loves to experiment with his fingers all the time. At the restaurant, she flashes her breasts, and becoming more playful and horny, and then returns home to do a sexy dance to the music in a cute bra & panties. The next morning, she wakes up as we watch these big breasts, and goes to the bathroom counter syringe, this time around the camera lens. She dances a little, then braiding the hair, puts on a very cute and innocent white dress, and visiting the center. There we see a transparent dress can be, and enjoy the view of heifers until it flashes as people walk by! Masturbation itself on an escalator and a wide spread her butt, she then has a little breakfast topless in another restaurant. Returning home, she strips down on the bed, and gives us more extreme close-ups of her pretty intimate parts, punched himself, and uses a large glass bowl toy to penetrate her gaping vagina. Stand back at the resort, she wears her pretty flower dress and sexy red satin heels. We see her big breasts pop out as she goes, then penetrating with not just one, but two glass toys in her cunt! Double penetration extends its wide … Back home, we discover that it is a ballerina, and makes a great dance ballet music … some amazing beauty and grace in her step! It suddenly appears strange when it uses a mirror to expose her cunt deep inside her neck, and then tries to masturbate and the syringe until it is wide open! Note her strong vaginal muscles contracting during the open … As the day comes to an end, she puts another sexy outfit, this time yellow dress with heels, and experiments with anal games for the first time. To finish, she rides a big glass FTV Toy, although it is too big for her body. Another fun, adventurous FTV style teenagers enjoying her first time experience – it is that nice girl next door, we all fantasize about.

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