FTV Girls Roxy (January 2016)

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Rates : 6

Until now, the most extreme girl we had on FTV in a very long time, the Roxy shows her amazing talents. In addition to the extreme, it is supercute, with perfect butt and sexy legs – and she’s very sexy … but it is not for the faint of heart! We first met her on the parking lot of the resort, where she teases us with a cute dress and heels, and nothing underneath. Then on the mountain road, she surprises us with a hidden toy inside her vagina! She ends up putting three toy inside her and masturbates with her … She then goes home and uses her personal favorite toy, bringing it to a good, strong orgasm. It does not stop there, because it takes a big head toy magic wand, and pushes it into the vagina, and makes her insides vibrate! After warming herself up there, she ends up deep fisting themselves! She loves extreme pleasure, and it somehow gets her to orgasm. Notice how well it can gape! Then she puts on another cute white dress and wedges, and meets the FTV assistant, who starts her hard with his fist, then punched her … and she loves it all! She gets to drive a fist, then attepts to get double fist! Two hands in her vagina, oh my … Then its time to penetrate themselves with major vegetables we could find, one giant radish more than a baseball bat, and a massive eggplant! She fucks herself hard with them, riding and knocking himself, stretching a little. Then it gets weird with golf balls, taking six golf balls in it! Incredible. It can also push them one by one. Then she brings out super big and rather unique mirror that opens it is so wide, you can see every part of her vagina, including its neck. Notice how it can move the vaginal muscles and back, neck and pushed in. She tries to take a toy glasses and playing with her neck, and then use vibraking toy to masturbate for us, to see how her vagina moves, it goes to the vibrator. Sitting in the open air, it is another cute outfit on, and surprises us with a double ended toys neatly hidden inside her vagina. She takes it, then proceeds to push him in the anal … and gets all the 14-inch dildo in her butt! Its incredibly unnatural, how deep it can go anal! Then she punched herself in the butt, fisting hard and deep, and then trying to get a double fist one in the ass, one in her vagina! It gets people fisted super-deep … then gaping her butt. The same evening, we see her visit the department store where she gets to flash vagina and butt, and then takes off the shoe heel counter, and uses it to break into her ass! She ends up buying a nice pair of blue high heels, she then supply halfway into her vagina and butt the front end of the first !! Truly unlimited, this girl is really satisfying extreme tastes of some members of the FTV, and she is supercute to boot.

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