FTV Girls Meagan & Sophia (April 2015)

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Rates : 8

Two of the finest teenagers on FTV, both kinky sexuality and the strong desire to have a new experience meet the rather erotic and adventure soon! We see them at the mall, in the lovely girly outfits making out, and then get frisky … until they are caught by security and held for one hour (God). They also get to play at a gas station … Back in the safety of home, they deprive each other naked, then go down on each other, trying lesbian oral sex for the first time. Megan is an aggressive one, and sends Sophia through masturbation session. Megan is using a magic wand toy is Sophia hard her fingers, going more and more fingers until her whole hand slips into! Hard fisting be as Megan gets fist hard and deep and has multiple orgasms with a vibrator. After the fist comes out looking like a vagina pulsing Megan and expands on her orgasm, one of the most powerful vaginal contractions we saw! Naked and comfortable on the bed, they end up having a pillow fight, then fight with each other as long as Megan is not distracted from the breast of Sofia. Sofia is still a mini-lactate, and Megan gets to taste a little milk! No woman had ever used a strap-on, and they end up doing each other cancers and riding each other, this is quite a large toy, which goes as far as possible! Time for some foot fetish, the girls suck each other’s toes, the toe gets fucked Megan Sofia. The girls then dress up in some sexy dresses & heels, and make out with each other, and then go for more oral sex. Megan pulls double ended dildo and goes to fuck Sofia with her. To enjoy together, they eventually shears with each other, and assuming that the reversible toy before it disappears almost! Megan urges Sofia to use a magic wand toy, and really wants to have their own experience of fisting! So she slowly fingers and work your way in Sofia, and as hard as she manages to complete her fist! Incredible to see these tiny, youthful teenagers go seriously weird stuff on FTV!

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